This Is What Happens When You Wash Your Face With Soap

Washing your face with soap is a thing of choice an d what happens when you do this is either an advantage or a disadvantage. We will walk your through the benefits and harms of washing your face with soap.

Benefits of washing the face with soap

Soap helps to clean the face of dirt, sediments, oils and dust that are stuck in the pores of the skin, and contributes to the unification of the skin tone, as it treats any pigmentation in the skin due to exposure to direct sunlight. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and helps to remove skin cracks that the skin suffers greatly during the winter.

In addition to that, it protects the skin from bacteria and viruses caused by dust and dirt accumulated on it, and helps to increase the smoothness, softness and hydration of the skin. It also removes the dark spots on it, gives you the whiteness and purity of the skin, and nourishes it in the form you need.

Another benefit of washing the face with soap is that it prevents infection of the skin from infections, protects it from eczema, and rids the skin of dark circles under the eyes, as it leaves the skin in general bright It is radiant and works to exfoliate dead skin, and thus works to renew skin cells, and it is necessary to keep using sunscreen and moisturizing cream, as well as resorting to products containing vitamins A and C.

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When using soap, it deeply cleans the skin, and it is preferred by many women. It helps unclog pores and remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells that would have remained on the surface of your skin, protects against viruses or bacteria, and helps nourish the layers of the skin, making it look radiant all day.

Disadvantages of washing the face with soap

Washing the skin with soap  strips it of its natural oils, and thus causes it to dry out and expose it to the appearance of impurities more, which is one of the things that negatively affect the radiance of the skin, leading to suffering from pale skin, unhealthy and stripped of freshness, in addition to causing acne.

The fact that soap clogs the pores, and the use of soap on the skin of the face leads to redness and irritation, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin, due to its non-gentle composition, which may contain perfumed substances.

Best Way to wash the face with soap

Usually, liquid facial soap is a better option, because it tends to have a low pH, and often contains moisturizers, which can counteract any dryness caused by traditional soap, but soap in general contains substances, moisturizers and oils that reduce water loss, and help maintain the moisture of the stratum corneum, and the use of harsh soaps and detergents should be avoided.

Avoid soaps containing perfume, as it dries the skin, and can cause skin irritation. Choose a soap for the skin that is classified as non-comedogenic or oil-free. To prevent acne and for the ideal way to wash the face with soap, start by rubbing the face using a clean towel moistened with warm water to open the pores of the face, and avoiding the use of hot water as it dries the skin, and can lead to tissue and capillary damage, then rub the face with soap in a light circular manner.

Rub the face using a towel wet with warm water again, focusing on the nose area and near the hair to get rid of all dirt, and then wash the face with warm water and get rid of the soap residue, and after finishing, the face should be washed with cold water to close the pores.

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