Seven secrets your wife won’t tell you

There are some things in your wife’s life which she would not tell you, and these things can become a problem as time goes on. She won’t tell you but we are happy to let you know about these seven secrets women have hidden between them.


She wants you make more money than her

Despite how caring and loving your wife might be to you and your family, she wants to get a taste and feelings that you are also man enough to carter for the family. She might be independent and working to make money but she also needs you to be the man in charge, making more money than herself. This will increase her love and respect for you as a man as she appreciates the fact that you are in-charge despite all the clamoring for gender equality.

Her own secrets before being married to you

She being married to you is an honor and every man counts himself lucky to finally end-up with their dream girl. However, no matter how much she trusts you, she won’t be willing to let out all her secrets during her time before she got married to you. She might not be willing to tell you about her previous affairs as she considers them a past life and willing to start a new life with you.

She also misses intimacy

Along the course of being married to that beautiful woman of your dreams, you might start dragging back in terms of intimacy with with. She misses this intimate relationships and will find it difficult to express herself, because the woman is always modest as that Modesty is one of the people of faith. It is therefore necessary for you to know this from us and keep it in your mind, as giving her this continuous intimacy you will reignite the love in your marriage.

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She wants you to gift her on every occasion

The woman you love won’t be able to tell you this, as this is a secret between the women. She expects good gifts from you during festive periods or a kind gesture to appreciate her for just being whom she is to you. Whether it is on their special occasions such as the date of the engagement, the date of marriage, her birthday, or public occasions such as holidays, know that your wife expects a little show of love from you.

Sometimes she needs rest

Everyday is not always rosy and hence you should know that your wife can be completely out of shape for a particular day and would require a lot of rest. Do not fail to understand when she needs this special time alone, because it is one thing she wouldn’t tell you to avoid looking disrespectful or suspicious of her. Just know when to allow your wife relax a little and take a good rest off the day.

She loves you to share everything with her

She won’t tell you this too. Its a secret but you have to know that now. You wife wants you to be her everything and wants to share a sense of belonging on everything pertaining to you. When you get some fruits off work, please share with her, make her know you always have her in mind. This great gesture will help keep and flourish the love your wife got for you. When you go through emotional or physical challenges also do share everything with her. She wants to be sure that you are deeply into her and don’t mind sharing anything with her.

She wants compliments as she wants to be the only one getting into your eyes

Yes, your wife wouldn’t tell you to compliment her looks as much as you can, but deep down that’s what she want. You might find out that your wife takes out time to always look young, fresh and beautiful for you, this is because she needs those compliments and also wants to be the only person getting into your eyes.

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