Nazanin Mandi files to end her marriage with R&B singer Miguel

Nazanin Mandi has filed the paperwork to end her marriage with R&B singer Miguel. 

The actress and certified life coach filed for divorce “in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County,” according to PEOPLE.

The outlet claims Nazanin, 36, cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the couple’s split. 

The star additionally requested that the couple’s prenuptial agreement be honored regarding the allocation of their assets and properties.

Mandi filed for divorce on Oct. 3, TMZ further detailed.

Nazanin Mandi and Miguel’s Relationship

The former couple met as teenagers and had their first date in 2005.

After over a decade of being in each other’s lives, Nazanin and Miguel tied the knot in late 2018.

It wasn’t until September of last year that the couple announced their separation, after a total of 17 years. 

The pair reconciled earlier this year and posted heartfelt messages about their union around Valentine’s Day.

“… heal the root so the tree is stable. I’m so proud of us. The Pimentels xoxo,” Nazanin captioned her since-removed upload.

Underneath Miguel’s similar post, she commented, “When you put the work in and it works out.”

Nazanin’s divorce filing and more recent Instagram posts highlight her transition into her next chapter.

“You will never be this young again. You’re gonna be 60 years old one day looking back on your past life,” she posted on her Instagram Stories on Oct. 4. “So book that flight, send that risky text, call your parents, post that picture, start that account, and most important, be the person you always knew you could be.”

“I don’t want it all .. I just want what’s meant for me✨,” she additionally captioned the latest post on her feed.

“On a current journey of introspection and discovering my purest me again …when and who was I when I was my most free and confident self …,” Nazanin captioned another post full of selfies and motivational quotes on Sept. 25. “She’s still in there. And rising to the occasion but this time with life experience, defined wants and an elevated mindset, one healing step at a time. If this is you, we got this💪🏽.”

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