Morning Functions To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Being Healthy and fresh, especially that of the skin, is the permanent dream of all women. The secret behind maintaining lasting freshness and vitality is to follow a regular morning routine to start your day fresh and energetic. There are some basic morning steps that help you face the various daily factors of pollution, sunlight and dust, and also ensure that you maintain healthy and fresh skin.

Here are 8 fundamental steps for an unmistakable morning functions that gives you alluring and beautiful skin:

1- Have a glass of water

The best way to start your daily skincare routine is to drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Cold water helps hydrate the body and keeps the skin purified of toxins.

2- Take a shower with warm water, not hot

To clean the skin of the body and feel refreshed, make sure to take a shower with warm water in the morning. Avoid long-term hot showers, as this can strip the skin of the essential oils that help moisturize it.

3- Clean the skin

Although it is important to clean the skin before going to bed, washing the face in the morning is also an essential habit that helps stimulate the production of natural oils to protect the skin. Make sure to clean your skin well with warm water using a gentle cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Next, use a non-artificial moisturizing cream to protect and soothe the skin.

4- Lip care

Many women think that chapped lips are only associated with the winter season, but that is wrong. Lips get dry and cracked during hot or cold weather. Make sure to moisturize your lips and take care of them during all seasons of the year to keep them soft and protect them from chapping. Choose any of the moisturizing lip balms or use Vaseline for the perfect care of your lips.

5- Moisturize the body

Use a moisturizing lotion or any of the natural oils to moisturize the body after showering. It is an essential step in the morning care routine to ensure healthy skin. It ensures that you maintain healthy skin, free from dryness.

6- Apply primer

Before applying makeup, it is recommended to distribute a layer of primer to act as a barrier to protect the skin from the harmful effects of makeup. It also helps make-up stay put for longer periods.

7- Apply makeup in moderation

Experts advise not to apply makeup excessively during the morning for a simple, natural look. It is also taken into account to clean make-up tools and brushes regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and germs.

8- Apply sunscreen

With the nature of our Arab country, the sun remains shining for most of the year, which exposes the skin to severe damage as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is essential to apply sunscreen as an essential part of your daily skin care routine. Spread a thin layer of sunscreen with an appropriate SPF of 30 or more on your skin to protect against sunburn and dark spots.

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