SURVIVING INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Interracial relationships comes with lots of challenges. Different persons have different stories to tell regarding the challenges they face or have faced in their interracial relationships. These challenges comes from family and friends most times and might be very difficult to handle.


Surviving the challenges of interracial relationships should be one of the priorities of the couple. Couples on a norms face challenges in their relationships but the ones with different races i think face more challenges. Couples in interracial relationships face challenges such as:

Disapproval From Family And Friends

In a relationship where the couples are of different races, there is bound to be disapproval from the family members. As time goes on, they might understand and accept the relationship but it all depends on how the couple handles the situation. Friends on the other hand will always talk, thy might discourage you but it all depends on if you let their opinion count.

Criticism From Society

I hope you know that people will always talk, they’ll criticize you for dating a white or a black. You be with your spouse and someone walks up and asks you if he/she is the new help in your house. You could be walking down with your kid and someone could ask if you are the new nanny. Really funny and shocking right? The survival of your interracial relationship from criticisms of society would depends on if you decide to listen to what society says about your relationship.

Cultural Difference

Cultural difference could pose a challenge to interracial relationship. Of course your culture and beliefs might be different giving that you are both from different races. But you can survive this by making compromises and sacrifices. In relationships, compromises are sometimes necessary. Since you both decided to get into a relationship disregarding the fact that you are from different race and have different beliefs and cultures, this shouldn’t be a problem. You both can conveniently sort it out within yourselves. In surviving interracial relationships, you’ll really need communication. Communication is the key to every successful relationship.


In as much as I gave some solutions while listing the challenges, I’ll still go ahead to give more tips on surviving interracial relationships

  • Before engaging in an interracial relationship, make sure you aren’t a racist because you’ll end up hurting your partner. You should also avoid saying things or doing things that brings in racism anytime you both have issues. Try settling issues amicably without bringing in racism.
  • Don’t let race define your relationship status. Once both of you love and understand each other, race shouldn’t be a problem. You both should be able to sort it out yourselves without the interference of an external body.
  • Most importantly, communication is always the key. For your relationship to be successful, you need to always communicate. If you don’t feel comfortable about anything, you should discuss with your partner rather than keep silent or discuss with someone else.

Surviving interracial relationship should be one of the priorities of those who engage in it. Here is a round up by Minuca stating what experts think about the challenges of interracial relationships

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