BEANS MAGICAL WEIGHT LOSS POWER: Beans being a very magical food is filled with lots of nutrition and it nourishes your body. It is filled with lots of important minerals which includes potassium and magnesium, vitamins which include folate. It also contains lots of nutrients that can aid quick weight loss. Therefore including beans in your diet not only gives you a healthy living but also help reduce your weight.


Now let’s take look at how beans performs the magic of weight loss

  • Beans contain lots of essential and important nutrients among which are fiber and proteins. It is no new news that these nutrients aid a lot in reducing weight. Fiber tends to keep you fuller for longer which makes you eat only when you are hungry. Protein on the other hand aids in boosting your satiety thereby keeping you satisfied with any diet high in protein. This goes a long way in weight loss.
  • Eating beans adds a lot of nutritional benefits to your health. In as much as protein is very essential for weight loss and your health in general, consuming more of beans and less of meat will add lots of nutrients to your health.  While the beans boosts your satiety and keeps you fuller, it also reduces your cholesterol level. I’m sure you know what a reduced cholesterol level means. It means you run a lesser risk of getting a heart disease.
  • Eating a food high in fiber like beans keeps you fuller for longer and to an extent reduces your calorie in take. When wanting to lose weight, you are advised to eat only when you are hungry, this is to avoid in takes of junks which we know contains lots of calories. So in the same vain, foods high in fiber keeps you fuller for longer thereby preventing your excessive in take of food, thereby reducing your calorie in take. You could also check out other foods that keep you fuller for longer and are very good for weight loss here:
  • In order to lose weight, you also have to choose foods with low glycemic index such as beans.  Glycemic index has to do with the foods have effect on your blood sugar. Food that are subtle to your blood sugar contain low glycemic index while those that trigger your blood sugar contain high glycemic index. When you consume food high in glycemic index, it triggers the rapid release of insulin and insulin reduces your blood sugar level and after these activity in your body, you get hungry. So for you wanting to lose weight, eat food with low glycemic index because they keep you fuller for longer.



In order to lose weight, beans has to be an important food in your diet. To get extra nutritional benefits you could add whole grains to your beans diet.


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