WEIRD SIGNS THAT SHOWS YOU ARE IN LOVE: Every one knows themselves, you know when you begin to feel different about someone. That feeling that this person is special and you always want to be around him or her. But most times we are scared of these feelings because we don’t want to fall in love with the wrong person. Due to this fact, some people get this feeling without knowing and accepting it is called falling in love.


Let’s take a look at some of those weird feelings that might mean you are falling in love:

  • Checking Your Phone Every Second

At that point when you have met that person who happens to be the special one, you become very conscious of your phone. Always checking for missed calls, making sure your phone isn’t on silence or air plane mode, checking for network and so on. Once you get a signal on your phone, you heart skips, hoping it is him. At this point you have started catching feelings.


  • Your Most Happy Moments Are When You Are With Him

Can you prove me wrong on this? No i guess not. Everyone loves happy moments, and you tend to get that really happy moments when you are with him. Every moment with him is really special to you. A few minute with him is more lovely and interesting more than a whole day without him. Here, i can tell you that you are having feelings towards him already.


  • You Re-read His Text Message

Having a boring day, he is not around at the moment but you really miss him and wish he was there. Then you remember his text messages, you guys conversations, and you begin to read them all over. You derive joy in doing that and it gets you all emotional. Here i can tell you, you are falling in love.

  • You Feel Really Curious About Him

You always want to know more about him. The kind of things he like, things he doesn’t like. You love listening to his childhood stories and things concerning him. You ask lots of questions and so on.

  • Loss Of Appetite

Once you start falling in love, you loss appetite most times because all you do is think about him, always want to be around him, always missing him and time flies without you realizing you haven’t eating. And the truth is you don’t even feel like eating.

  • No Amount Of Time  Spent Around Him Is Enough

This is very true. You don’t even mind rescheduling your daily plans just to be with him the whole day. No matter the amount of time you both spend together, you still need more. You start missing him the moment he says he is about leaving. I know for sure you are in love.

  • He Upsets You But You Still Love Being Around Him

Of course all the moments are not to be juicy. Once in a while you both upset each other. That helps to spice relationships and friendship. The good thing about it is that you you both make up and you still love being around him and him around you.

  • You Stop Thinking About Your Ex

You probably still had feelings for your ex boyfriend who probably cheated on you and you had to break up. But on meeting this special somebody, you find out that even the name of your ex boyfriend is far away from your mind. You no longer think of him and it doesn’t bother you. Now i say you are in love with this special somebody.

The WEIRD SIGNS THAT SHOWS YOU ARE IN LOVE are really numerous but once you start feeling different, attracted and very comfortable with him, you are falling in love with him.

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