IS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT REAL OR NOT? Love at first sight means falling in love or developing a love feeling for someone you just met for the first time. Does that really work? You met someone, ususaly your opposite sex for the first time and because of he or she is good looking and attractive or because of his or her smile, you get attracted to the person and begin to develop love feelings for the person. Is that how love really works?


Many people have different opinions on this topic. Some people believe in it why some people don’t. Here are my points:

I believe love is comes naturally and it develops gradually. Even being in a relationship, the love being shared between the couple increases as they last longer and happier in the relationship.


It is possible to meet someone for the first time and like his looks, probably he has a nice hair cut, she has a nice hair do, you love his outfit or her outfit, his or her smile is really charming and so on. All these could actually get you attracted to the person but it doesn’t mean you are actually in love with the person.

You might see an opposite sex and get attracted to him or her and also feel like being in a relationship with the person, that also isn’t love. I could remind you that not all relationships are based on love, it could be based on sexual feelings because one person found the other sexually attractive at the first sight. Not all relationships also start with love, you could just like someone at the first meeting and want to be in a relationship with the person. Once you both are cool with each other, understand each other, love could gradually come in and it could work out for you both.

You can not really say you are in love with someone at the first meeting. I believe love must be prompted by something. It is possible you like the person because of something which is obviously artificial. But you can’t be in love with someone when you do not know the inner part and other part of the person. You don’t know the person’s character, you don’t know if you both will be stand each others’ excesses and all that. These are some factors that bring about love. Most times love at first sight isn’t mutual. There is a possibility that you meet a person, like him or her and approach the person, he or she will not feel same way about you especially when you make it known to them that it’s a love at first sight. Most people don’t actually believe in that because they think it’s a cunning way of wanting have sex with you because you look attractive.


Most times, relationships based on love at first sight don’t last for a long time. Take for instance, a guy sees a girl, she is looking really beautiful and attractive, he likes her, walks up to her, talks to her and somehow they decide to go into a relationship, once it is not love, he’ll certainly see another beautiful and sexy looking girl some other day and walk up to her too and will for sure get tired of the previous girl and end the relationship with her.

Love at first sight is more common with men than women because men seems to be more sexually driven. They see a beautiful and an attractive woman and want to get into a relationship with her probably because he likes her ass or boobs. That isn’t love. I’ll call it admiration, crush or infatuation and it is short termed because he will definitely see another sexy looking lady someday and would prefer her to the previous lady.



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