HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR VAGINA: Proper vaginal hygiene needs to be practiced by every woman. This is to help keep the vagina clean and also prevent infections. There are lots of misconceptions women have regarding vaginal hygiene. Most steps they take towards taking care of their vagina might result in harming it. Therefore this article is designed to put women on the right track on how to take care of their vagina.


  • Wash Your Vagina Once A Day

Wash your vagina gently just once in a day possibly when having your bath. Do not use soap or any fragrance because they might be aggressive to the vagina. Washing the vagina isn’t a very good practice because it kills good bacteria such as lactobacilli which helps in keeping the pH level of the vagina balanced and keeping the vagina clean. Discharges from the vagina is not uncleanliness, rather it’s normal and healthy and a way in which the vagina cleans itself. Douching therefore isn’t a good practice. Washing the vagina without soap or any antiseptic once a day possibly during bath is good enough. While cleaning, it is advisable to clean from front to back. Cleaning from back to front could transfer bacteria from the anus to the vagina. After washing, pat with a clean dry towel instead of rubbing.

  • Do Not Wear One Underwear Throughout The Day

One underwear shouldn’t be worn throughout the day, be it pant, pant liners, pads or any other wear you put on beneath the vagina. Wearing them throughout the day could result in vaginal infection, skin irritation and could also prevent your skin from breathing. Always change your underwear about 4 hours before going to bed.


  • Do Not Use Deodorized Pads

You do not need to use deodorized pads during mensuration to prevent your vagina from smelling. Deodorized pads contain harsh perfumes which could be harmful to the vagina by causing skin reactions and irritations. Fragrance free pads are a lot better. When you start get offensive smells from your pad during mensuration, you have your bath and change your pad.

  • Go For Cotton Underwears

Unlike the nylon underwear, cotton underwear enables the vagina breathe and also absorbs moisture and keeps you comfortable. Cotton underwear enables air get in to your vagina, enables it breathe thereby not running a risk of getting a risk infection. Yeast infection survives in a moist and warm environment. You run a risk of yeast infection wearing an uncomfortable underwear or a nylon underwear. Cotton underwear is a lot better the nylon underwear.

  • Frequently Shave Grown Vaginal Hairs

Vaginal hairs tend to get there bushy and sometimes uncomfortable. They can become clogged and infected too, therefore it is advisable to shave those hairs once there becomes bushy. Always shave with a clean shaving stick and do not use one shave stick more than twice.

  • Use Condoms

Aside the fact that condoms help to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, they also help in balancing the vagina pH level by allowing good bacteria such as lactobacilli survive in there. These bacteria helps in preventing yeast infection and other bacteria infection.


  • Having Constant Painful Sex? See The Doctor

You can actually have painful sex if your vagina is dry or if you ain’t comfortable with that position. But if your vagina is wet, you have tried other positions and you still have pains during sex, you need to see the doctor. It could be an infection.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR VAGINA is very important in order to maintain a proper vagina hygiene.

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