HIGHLY PAYING SKILL YOU CAN ACQUIRE AS A WOMAN AFTER SCHOOLThe Nigerian Educational System has no room for skill acquisition, talent identification and development. Most students come out of the university not knowing where to start life from. School gives you only 15% of what you need in life, the other 85% comes from yourself. https://womanscope.com/2018/06/23/the-life-out-there-what-every-new-graduate-must-know/

In anything one does in life, one must have a plan B. When you are out of school and no white collar job is coming forth yet, what do you do? That why you need to learn a skill. There are lots of highly paying skill out there, it’s just for you to discover where you fit in. Here are some highly paying skill you could learn:


  • Computer Services

There are lots of computer related skill one could learn. You could learn programming, software, computer repairs and so on. Computer software is rising fast in the market and their are other computer related skill that you can acquire a moderate training on and get reasonable amount of money.

  • Project Management

Yes project management is a course on it’s own in the university, but that doesn’t mean you must study it to practice it. All you need do is undergo the training – know how to work with a budget, manage necessary paperwork and assign task. Learning to manage project is a highly paying skill that could fetch you good money.

  • Manufacturing Skill

Being able to manufacture things can make you a boss of your own. Learning to produce things that are in high demand could fetch you a reasonable amount of money and you could be able to own your own company. You could learn to produce different soaps, spray, disinfectants, perfumes, creams, lotions, wipes and so on.

  • Hair And Other Beauty Services

Beauty services are so much in need all around the world. Everyday people want to look good. People always want to make their hair, cut their hair, style their hair, apply make ups, fix their nails and so on. The beauty world is a fast growing business. Everyday people are planning on getting married and need people to fix up their hair, nails, eyes and so on. Learning the skills in the business world would go a long way in giving you some good money.

  • Event Planning

Event planning is a very lucrative skill in today’s world. Many people are organizing different events and need event planners to help them out. Birthday parties, weddings, child dedication, anniversary, end of year parties and lots of events need to be organized and well planned. This is where event planners come into play.

  • Photography

Photography is another high paying skill as their are lots of on going events which need photographs to be taken. Birthday parties, weddings, child dedication, anniversaries, end of year parties, church programs and lots more are events which take place almost every time and photo shots are meant to be taken. To be a good photographer, you have to learn it. You also have to learn image and video editing. You could also advance yourself by learn programs like Photoshop and Corel Paintshop Pro X6 for image editing and Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, Sony Vegas, After Effect for video editing.


  • Fashion Design

Fashion design is a trending and highly paying business. Everybody wears cloths, most people need someone to design their cloth for them. People need to sew and design their clothes for many reasons- personal wear, group wear for an occasion and lots more. Runway models even help to advertise people’s design. Being a fashion designer has to do with creativity. You need to be creative in your design.

  • Catering And Baking

Catering is another lucrative skill because people eat everyday. If you are a chef- a good cook, you could own a restaurant where people come to eat. You could run catering services, cook for people’s event. You could also extend into the baking section. Bake cakes for people’s events. You could bake other things like meat pie, fish pie, pizza, and others. You could start from little and grow. You could work for eateries and eventually grow into owning one and even a bakery. Many caterers and bakers have made reasonable money running their brands online.

  • Website Design

Many people need someone to design a platform in which they could advertise their products and services online. This is where a website designer comes in play. Website design is a very lucrative skill to acquire because daily people need website for their businesses, companies, firm and so on. Once you have acquired the skill, you could start by reaching out to small businesses which are not yet online, offer your services at a cheaper rate to them, do a great job and use them to advertise yourself.

  • Automobile Services

One could learn to repair cars and other vehicle. There are lots of vehicles around the world and they need maintenance from time to time. Some could get damaged and need repairs, this is the work of an auto mechanic. Once you learn the skill you have a high chance of making good money.

  • Driving

Yes driving. Driving can give you lots of money. If you learn to drive, have a driving license and are able to get a car, you are good to go. You could use the car as an airport taxi, as an inter state or within state taxi. This could fetch you good money.






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