THE LIFE OUT THERE: WHAT EVERY NEW GRADUATE MUST KNOW Most people just think of life in school forgetting that there is a life out there. Most people study a lot in school just to pass exams, get good grades, graduate and look for a job. Now the big question is what if the job doesn’t come? Or what if it doesn’t come soon?. Most people graduate and stay 5 years, 10 years, even more without a job. It doesn’t mean they didn’t make excellent grades in school. If you ask me i’d say jobs now isn’t about what you know but who you know.


School offers only 15% of success in life, the remaining 85% comes from you. You need to have a vision, you set goals, you need to thrive to achieve your goals,you need to make an impact in your life and in the life of people around you. What you need to learn to make an impact cannot be learnt in school. You need to think outside the box, better still remove the box completely. You need to know why you are in school and also need to think and plan for the life out there.

You need to discover yourself. Find your passion, have a vision, set goals and write them down, read your goal daily to continually remind yourself of them. Challenge yourself into doing productive things that drive you. Try as much as possible to achieve them. Move from education to reality. You might not achieve success the first time, you might not achieve it the second time but you have to be persistent and always learn from your mistakes. Failures are only failures when you don’t learn from them, when you learn from them, they become lessons. Many successful people have failed at some point in their lives, the only difference is that they learnt from their mistakes and rose up again. It’s ok to fail but the most important thing is working toward something, having a goal.

What defines a person is his vision. People with vision, people who set goals and go for it move faster and achieve more than the others because their vision is their drive mechanism. A vision is a picture of a desired future so beneficial to people that when heard becomes so interested and connected to key into no matter what it will take them to get there.

Out there in the business world, you need a skill not a certificate. Move for your passion, have a pathway, get people for your product, package your product, give your product a platform and leverage on it. Also you should know your limit, do not package yourself above your limit.

Also you should keep your mind open for other options. Don’t be so locked chasing your goal that you miss opportunity knocking on the door. Life sometimes will lead you in directions you don’t expect. Take opportunity at every chance you see. Create opportunities for yourself if you aren’t able to grab any. Be the connection that someone needs.


THE LIFE OUT THERE YOU MIGHT NOT BE AWARE OF is that you need to stop existing and start living. Note that in school, you are taught a LESSON and then given a TEST but in the reality of life, you are given a TEST that teaches you a LESSON.

Your life is yours to live. Every decision you make has consequences which will either be positive or negative. Learn not to make excuses. Don’t blame any one for your failure. Do not allow any one make your decision for you because you will have to bear the consequences of your choices and decisons alone.

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