SOME OF YOUR RIGHTS AS A WOMAN YOU DON’T KNOW: The rights of a woman are the fundamental rights and entitlements claimed for women and girls worldwide, enshrined by the United Nations for all living human being on the planet earth.

Women deserve equal rights as the men. Women are entitled to whatever position in the society that men are entitled to. But sometimes women are denied these rights. They are made to feel lesser than the men. They are made to feel inferior to the men. Most positions are kept strictly for men. All these are wrong! Women are humans and have the same fundamental human right as the men. These rights include the right to be educated, right to vote and be voted for, freedom from violence, freedom of movement, freedom from discrimination, right to own properties and right to earn a fair and equal wage.


  • Right To Be Educated

In some African homes, parents tend to like and take care of the male children more than the female children, they tend to give the male better education than the female with the mindset that the female will end up getting married and answering their husband’s name while the males will remain in the family and carry on their father’s name. Gone are those days! Now women have the same right to the same quality education as the male. Females have the right to be graduates and get any job of their choice, attain any position they work hard and are able to attain. They have the right to be entrepreneurs. Females have the right to be educated.

  • Right To Vote And Be Voted For

Women also have the right to come out and vote for the person they feel like vote for. They also have a right to be voted for. In some countries, women are not allowed to attain some positions in politics for instance the presidency position. Even though a woman should come out to contest election for those kind of positions with a male opponent, the male has a higher chance of winning because even the society at large sees the position as that of a male. This actually discourages most women. Women have the right to contest for any position in the society and shouldn’t be denied such rights.

  • Freedom From Violence

Most women and girls have encountered different form of violence in their lives. Most of which have been raped, physically assaulted, female genital mutilation and so on. Most girls have been physically assaulted by guys, women physically assaulted by men, in most cases their husbands, rape cases keep increasing. Most times the females are weak and can’t fight back. That’s why educating the girl child is very necessary. Because if a girl is treated violently in any way, she should know that she can seek redress in the court of law. And the court of law should be able to protect these girls and women by always making sure the offender is penalized. Female genial mutilation is a punishable offense. Females shouldn’t be starved the pleasure of sexual intercourse. The court of law should be able to protect the females from violence.

  • Freedom of Movement

Women as well as men have the freedom of movement. Women shouldn’t be caged like animals. They should be able to move around freely. Travel as much as they want and whenever they want. They shouldn’t be restricted just because they are women.

  • Rights To Own Property

In ancient days, women are not allowed to own properties because of the same reason that they will be married away and be under a man. A father will share all his land and properties among his sons and his daughters get nothing. Well that was the ancient days. In this modern age, women have the right to own properties as many as they want so long as they can afford it. Of course no body can tell a woman who is making her money herself how to spend it. No one can tell her not to own lands and other properties, it’s her money!

  • Freedom from Discrimination

Women still face discrimination in their societies even till today. Discrimination against women is wrong and should be stopped entirely. Why would someone who is qualified for a position not get it simply because of the gender female? Discrimination against women is a punishable offense and offenders should be brought to book.

  • Right To Earn A Fair And Equal Wage

A woman has a right to a fair and equal wage as well as a man. In some firms, it is noticed that a position occupied by both a man and a woman, the man tends to receive a higher pay than the woman. Gender inequality. It is wrong. A woman has a right to a fair and equal wage.,

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