EMPOWERMENT OF YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN IN THE SOCIETY is a process whereby young girls and women recreate or expand that which they could have accomplished but were denied them. It is a process in which young girls ans women redefine gender roles that allows them acquire the ability to choose between known alternatives which they have been restricted from.

Despite all said and done about gender equality, women are still made to feel inferior especially when they try to fit into the male dominated places. Most times it isn’t because these women are not capable but because they haven’t been given a chance to prove themselves. Girls have been made to feel inferior to boys in the society.


Women empowerment is an effort to change the mindset of young girls and women from i can not do it to i can do it. Let’s look at some ways in which young girls and women can be empowered.

  • Educate Them

Young girls and women have same right to education just as the young boys and men do. The girl child needs to be educated, she need to taught to speak good English, she needs to be taught how to express herself and defend her rights in the society. Education is power and every child deserves and has a right to education.

  • Make Them Feel Loved

Charity they say begins at home. Make the girls and women around you feel loved, appreciate them. The old traditional belief that the male child is better than the female child is long gone. Children should be loved equally and treated equally be it male or female. Women should be appreciated for what they do, that would make them do more and also improve on themselves.

  • Place Them In Decision Making Positions

Women have been denied some vital role in the society. Most women are capable of taking leadership positions, they are capable of make some important decisions. Giving women chances to play vital roles builds their confidence and their self esteem and helps them get off that mind set that they are inferior.

  • Invest In A Their Business

Most women want to go into business but don’t have capital. Most women go into business with little capital and find it difficult to grow their business. This is discouraging. Investing in the business of these women will go a long way to encourage them and motivate them and also help them grow in the society.

  • Reach Out To Girls And Women In Crisis

Millions of young girls and women are subjected to abuse, rape, child labor, sex trafficking, child trafficking, and so on. Your help will go a long way to protect the girl child and women in the society. You could help by training local staff to train, educate, counsel, offer health care, small business loans, and other programmes that could help in reaching out women and girls as well as the males, so as to help to end cycles of gender-based violence.

  • Mentor A Girl Child

If you are opportuned to be close to a girl child, reach out to her and be a mentor to her. Teach her to build her self esteem and confidence and be able to present herself in the society, teach her to speak good English and to be able to express herself in the society.

  • Introduce Them To Youth Empowerment Programmes

Young girls and women should be introduced to youth empowerment programmes. These programmes help develop their minds, educates them, teaches them skills that could help grow them in the society.

EMPOWERMENT OF YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN IN THE SOCIETY would go a long way in improving the lives of young girls and women in the society. It would help change their mindset, build confidence and self esteem and make them useful to themselves, those around them and the society in general.






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