HOW TO BEHAVE DURING A JOB INTERVIEW: While going for a job interview, your awesome CV isn’t all you need. You need to know every detail about the company and the position your aspiring for. You also need to know how to behave and conduct yourself from the moment you step in to the company until the moment you step out from the company.


Here are some conducts you need to adhere to while going for an interview:

  • First Impression Matters

First impression matters a lot in life because you never know what will happen next. The moment you enter the company, be of your best behaviour because you don’t know who might be watching. Do not under-rate any body, put up a smile always, shake hands and introduce yourself to the receptionist, shake hands and introduce yourself to who ever comes to take you to the interview room. Switch off your cell phone the moment you get into the company.

Once you enter the interview room, greet all your interviewers one after the other with a smile and introduce yourself with your first and last name while giving them a handshake. Make eye contact at all times.

  • Dress Properly And Professionally

There is a saying that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. No matter how small the company and position you are aspiring is, you have to dress properly and professionally because your dressing is the first impression your interviewer gets of you.

While dressing for your interview, suits are a lot preferable unless otherwise stated by the company. Pick darker colors. See more on how to dress for an interview here

Your hair should be well-combed and well packed. Your shoes should be well polished and neat. Your clothes well ironed and neat.

  • Greet Your Interviewer Properly

Now you are in the interview room face to face with your interviewer, don’t forget to smile while greeting. Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake (not too firm) using your right hand while your left hand sticks to your side. Smile and introduce yourself with your first and last name and afterwards you ask the interviewer ” how do you do?”. Always keep eye contact with your interviewer.

  • Call Their Names

Your interviewers will love to hear you call their names but don’t over do it because it might sound fake. You could address them by their name when greeting them and when leaving. For instance, when you want to greet, say ” Good day Mr Robbin, I am Patricia, how do you do?”.

  • Sit Properly

While sitting, it ia advisable to sit at the edge of the chair so as not to ruin the image you want to portray. While sitting on the spinning chairs, avoid spinning the chair, it’s totally unacceptable. Sit by the edge of the chair and try to make a good sitting posture.

  • Do Not Interrupt The Interviewer

On no account should you interrupt your interviewer. No matter how important what you have to say is, never interrupt your interviewer. Wait patiently for him / her to be done talking, then you answer. You can ask questions and say whatever you want to say afterwards.

  • Exit Properly

The end of the interview is also as important as any other part. As earlier said, you should be of best behaviour until you leave the company premises. Don’t get up to leave until you are sure the interview is over. At the end of the interview, you must get a clue from your interviewer that the interview is over. When u get that, you stand up gently, with a smile, you shake your interviewers (addressing them by their names) and say thank you very much for time. Then you leave quickly but not in a rush. If you meet the receptionist at the counter, you also smile and say thank you with a hand shake.

HOW TO BEHAVE DURING A JOB INTERVIEW is very essential to note if you really want to get that dream job.


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