First impression matters a lot and the job interview is an opportunity for you to give your interviewer your first impression. Standing in front of the interviewer, the first impression he gets of you is from your dress. Wearing the wrong outfit can distract the interviewer from your awesome CV and outstanding experience. This article will give you detailed tips on the dress code for your interview

.How a woman should dress for an interview

  • Scope The Company

Try to get as much information as possible of the company which has invited you for an interview. Find out the dress code of the women, for instance, are they always on suit or just normal corporate attire, on which days do they were casual and native attire, are the ladies always on skirt or pants. You should know what their jewelries and accessories look like and so on.

  • Know The Type Of Industry or Company You Are Going To

You should know the industry or company which you want to go into and dress according to their code.

If you are going for an interview in arts industry, you could dress casual, show your tatoo, and so on.

If you are going for an interview in the hospital, you would need to wear a flat shoe

If you are going for an interview in a fashion industry, you could wear bright colours, jewellery and accessories, high heels, make up and so on.

Your dressing should be dependent on the dress code of the industry you want to go into.

  • Wear a suit

In situation where you do not know the dress code of the company, it is advised to be on a corporate outfit, suit preferably.

You could wear a suit skirt or trouser, it is up to you but most companies prefer skirt. If you are to wear skirt, a knee-length skirt is best. Your shirt and suit should not be too tight or too big. You should wear something in which you would be comfortable in.

Your suit should not be flashy, choose darker colours. Your skirt should be simple and dark coloured too. Your shirt should be buttoned down neatly.

  • Dress Neatly

Make sure your dress is sparkling clean. Put on a neatly washed, ironed and well fitted dress. This will make you look smart and presentable. As earlier said, first impression matters a lot and the first impression you will be giving to the interviewer is your dressing.

  • Dress Corporate

In a more casual company, you might not need to wear suit. In this case, you could be on a corporate attire (shirt or blouse and skirt or trousers). Pick darker colours, do not dress in a flashy coloured attire, it could distract your interviewer. Keep your dressing simple and neat. Knee-length skirt, well buttoned shirt and you should tuck in properly. Also take your time to pay attention to details, do not allow any loosed thread hanging down. There should be no stain on your dress. Your dress should be properly ironed.

Wear a cooperate shoe with low or no heel. Do not wear flashy make ups. Do not wear much jewellery and accessories. Apply deodorants. Do not wear perfumes because your interviewer may be sensitive or allergic to the fragrance.

  • Keep Your Hair Neat

If you keep low-cut hair, make sure your hair is neatly cut, well-combed and tidied.

If you make / plait your hair, it is preferable to pack it up or in any comfortable style, to avoid distractions and to look professional.

  • Carry A Briefcase or A Handbag

Of course if you are going for an interview, you need to go with a dark coloured briefcase or handbag in which you will put the necessary documents required for the interview. Make sure the briefcase or handbag is neat and matches with your outfit.

These are the general steps you follow when you want to pick an outfit for an interview. Dress professionally.


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